A downloadable game for Windows

This is just a small prototype that I haven't worked on since last Summer, I just thought I'd upload it and share it.

The menu is pretty simple, you can choose from two minimalist arenas, a boxing ring or the streets, both come with lackluster detail. The combatants will be designed around the arena and will follow logic set by these environments, such as hitting harder and getting KO'd easier in a street fight compared to a set boxing bout.

The controls are also simple, WASD character movement and mouse button 1 to punch. Space can also be used to spawn in combatants, this can be used to see how many guys you can take on before you get beaten up. Escape can be used in game to exit to the arena selection menu and if pressed again will close the game.

Chances are this game will contain bugs and design flaws somewhere, but I hope it's somewhat enjoyable.

Install instructions

Just download the .zip file and extract, then run the .exe.


fightclub.zip 2 MB

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